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Dragon Fitness - Personal Training

At Dragon BJJ we are aware that people have different goals for themselves, and our bespoke personal training programs will help you to achieve whatever self-development goals you may have.

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Self-Defence Goals

Most people start martial arts with the aim of learning to defend themselves; often this is coupled with a fear of confrontation or some deeper underlying self-confidence issue. A bespoke program will give you the ability to protect yourself in a real situation while raising your confidence and allowing you to shed any irrational fears of confrontation.

Weight Loss and Fitness Goals

For many, their first port of call is fitness and or weight loss. Many hide behind starting a program as they claim they “need to get fit first” that is blatantly false notion. Our bespoke fitness program will take everything into consideration from your current level of fitness, your weight, nutrition/diet, injuries etc to create a program that can help reach you fitness and weight loss goals.

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